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My knives are built to last and require special care. In a world of cheap, mass-produced products, I am proud to offer unique, high-quality blades made from the finest materials I can source. I go to great lengths to ensure quality of manufacture and assembly. That being said, no knife should be abused, and if it is, there is a chance that it can fail or break. All of my knives are guaranteed for life against manufactural defects. Additionally, if a knife breaks from abuse, I will do everything in my power to fix it. All of my knives come with free lifetime touchups, polishes and sharpening. Please pay shipping.


LEARN TO SHARPEN YOUR KNIFE or send it to me any time for free sharpening. Please pay shipping. Knives made of high-carbon steel should be wiped dry after use. DO NOT allow rust to accumulate. Acidic foods will react with the polished bevels and develop a patina. The patina can be a beautiful testament to the knife's use ​and will help protect the steel from heavier oxidization. It can be embraced, or you can remove the patina with fine grade steel wool and light polishing compound. Be sure to rinse the compound off before you cut more food. 


I welcome wedding parties, retailers, restaurants, and others to inquire about special quantity discounts for my knives.

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